Thursday, February 16, 2017

Conduct Update: Chi Phi

Update 2/27: The Chi Phi Fraternity has completed its investigation of alleged violations of the Personal Safety Policy by the Psi Chapter. I am removing the temporary suspension of all New Member activities effective immediately.  

As a means of ensuring the Chapter stays on a positive course and in accordance with Article VI of the Chi Phi Personal Safety Policy, Article XI Section 8 of the Chi Phi Constitution, I am implementing the following sanctions: 
• The Chapter will adhere to the New Member program that was submitted and approved by the National Office.

As of February 16, 2017, the Psi chapter of Chi Phi is alleged with potential risk management violations.  The following information was shared with the chapter from the Chi Phi National Office:

Based upon information that has been made available regarding New Member activities, your

Chapter may be in violation of the Chi Phi Fraternity’s Personal Safety Policy, Lehigh University guidelines, and Pennsylvania State law.

Due to the severity of the alleged violations, I am imposing a temporary suspension of all New
Member activities effective immediately, until further notice. All New Member activities
including meetings, mixers, Brotherhood events, rituals and the like must cease immediately.

The National Staff will do everything possible in cooperation with the university to conclude our
investigation as quickly as possible. However, until the Chapter is notified otherwise, the
suspension will remain in effect. It is the Chapter leadership’s responsibility to communicate the
provisions of the suspension to the Chapter membership. We expect full cooperation from all
officers and members of the Chapter. Extra caution should also be taken so that the activities of
individual members are not identified as New Member activities, and that the members avoid
even the appearance of a violation of the suspension.