Monday, March 6, 2017

Conduct Update: Delta Chi

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Update 3/7/2017:the Lehigh Chapter is hereby placed on Level I Corrective Action of the Fraternity’s Risk Management Program. As a result, the following requirements are now in place:
  1. The chapter must cease and desist from any behavior that is in violation of Fraternity policy and must be in full compliance with the requirements of Delta Chi Law and the Risk Management Policy.
  2. The chapter must complete and submit the enclosed letter of compliance. The letter affirms that the chapter is in full compliance with all of the provisions of Delta Chi Law and the Fraternity’s Risk Management Policy. This letter must be signed by 100% of the chapter’s initiated and associate members. The deadline for receipt of this letter by the International Headquarters is April 5, 2017.
  3. The chapter must host or sponsor a program for its members focusing on responsible social conduct and alcohol safety no later than Friday, April 24, 2017. The chapter must have 80% of its membership in attendance and can consult University resources such as the Office of Fraternity & Sorority Life.
  4. The chapter must host a presentation for all its members about Risk Management and compliance with the Fraternity’s Risk Management Policy. This presentation must take place no later than Friday, April 24, 2017 and must have 80% of the chapter present.
  5. The chapter must comply in full with all Lehigh University sanctions. 

The corrective action period will end on May 31, 2018, provided that no further violations occur and that all requirements have been met as outlined. Should the chapter choose to appeal this decision, the corrective action period will not ensue until after the appeal is heard and acted on. Any failure by the Chapter to comply with the corrective actions will be deemed a separate violation of the Risk Management Policy and will be reported directly to the Risk Management Commission and could ultimately result in additional disciplinary measures.

In accordance with Article X, Part. IV,G, of the Lehigh University Code of Conduct, members of the University Committee on Discipline met on March 3, 2017 to impose sanctions.  The Chapter took responsibility for the below charges and asked that a "sanctions only hearing" be held to impose sanctions in this case.

Respect for Self A1 (Unauthorized Consumption, Distribution, or Possession)
The unauthorized or illegal consumption, distribution, or possession of alcohol.

Respect for Community I1B (Social policy - 1.D.11.a - Irresponsible Distribution of Alcohol)
Violating the Lehigh University Social Policy 1.D.11.a (11. Irresponsible distribution of alcohol is
prohibited. a. Any occasion where the atmosphere or circumstances are such that the intended or likely outcome is to either abuse alcohol or become intoxicated. Examples of irresponsible distribution of alcohol include but are not limited to kegs, funnels, shot parties, hotel parties, Beirut games, pong ball, scorpion bowls, chugging contests or other organized drinking games.)

Respect for Community I1A (Social Policy 1.A.8 - Unregistered Party)
Violating the Lehigh University Social Policy 1.A.8 (Any occasion deemed to be an event with alcohol that has not been registered with the Dean of Students Office will be considered an unregistered social event and will be subject to disciplinary action. - See the policy for specific definitions).

Respect for Community J1 (Encouraging Others)
Encouraging or facilitating others in actions that violate the Code of Conduct.

Respect for Community E1 (Failure to Comply)
Failure to comply with the reasonable requests of university officials (including law enforcement) while acting in the performance of their duties.

Incident Summary
Delta Chi had an unregistered party, multiple people under 21 were served alcohol. Drinkings games were being played. When LUPD arrived a highly intoxicated student was present and needed to be transported.

As a result of this behavior the following sanction(s) were imposed by the panel

The organization is placed on Disciplinary Deferred Dissolution from March 3, 2017 through August 1, 2017. During this period of time, the organization is on notice that any further violations of the Code of Conduct will result in the dissolution of the organization immediately without further review.

Disciplinary Deferred Dissolution may not be imposed for longer than two regular semesters. If this
sanction is imposed during a semester, it may be imposed for the remainder of that semester and two
additional semesters.

The organization will be alcohol free effective March 3, 2017 through July 31, 2017. The chapter cannot host any events in the house with alcohol and individual members are not permitted to have alcohol in their rooms. The chapter can host non-alcoholic events during the probationary period.

Delta Chi Fraternity is placed on disciplinary probation effective August 2, 2017 through May 15, 2018. Disciplinary probation is the conditional continuation of a group or organization for a specified period of time not to exceed four semesters. This status implies that any further violation of this Code of Conduct may result in dissolution, termination, or other authorized sanctions. Other sanctions may be imposed, including limitations on social activities, and additional requirements may be imposed as conditions for reinstatement of recognition in good standing.

The Chapter is required to work with their national office and their alumni and conduct a membership review that focuses on ensuring that all members are aware of their obligations and responsibilities. It is to be completed by August 1, 2017.

The Chapter is required to work with all available resources (Alumni, OFSA, National Headquarters,etc) to develop a risk management plan based on current best practices that is scalable for multiple size events. It is to be completed by August 1, 2017, and must be approved by OFSA.

The Chapter is required to work OFSA and OSC&CE regarding any events involving alcohol during the Fall 2017 semester. All events must be approved in advance and in accordance with the risk management plan described above.

The Chapter is required to report on the outcomes of all standards board proceedings to Assoc. Dean
Mulvihill no later than April 15, 2017.

The Chapter is prohibited for recruiting any upper class men (non first year) students during the Spring 2017 semester. Prior to recruiting any upperclassman must consult with alumni and OFSA to ensure an adequate screening process is utilized

The Committee gave the following rationale for sanctions:

This was a significant and potentially tragic crisis that resulted in the hospitalization of one member of the Lehigh Community. The sanctions imposed reflect the panel’s acknowledgement that the chapter has taken responsibility for the incident but still needs to address the hard issues with current and future membership. The panel considered dissolving the chapter but the lack of any past disciplinary record, clear desire for improvement, and cooperation regarding the investigation helps us to believe the chapter can be successful and be a value adding member of the Lehigh University campus community.