Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Conduct Update: Kappa Alpha

Kappa Alpha was involved in an incident on August 26, 2017, in which behavior violated the Lehigh
University Code of Conduct. The chapter was charged with the following violations:

Respect for the Law 1
Lehigh University expects that its student members will act in accordance with all applicable federal,
state, or local laws.

Respect for Community (General)
As members of the Lehigh University Community, students are expected to serve as ethical representatives. They are expected to know and follow the Code of Conduct, and show respect for the
faculty, staff, community members and administrative processes that are in place to maintain and support our community standards. Students are expected to hold themselves and others accountable and report violations of the Code of Conduct or other violations to the University.

LUPD was called for a large party at Kappa Alpha residences two times during the weekend of Lehigh orientation (fall 2017).

You took responsibility for the following charges, any other listed charges were dropped:

Respect for the Law 1 and Respect for Community (General)

As a result of this behavior the following sanction(s) will be imposed: This letter will serve as a Disciplinary Warning that any future violations of the University Code of Conduct may result in more severe sanctions.

Moving forward: if the members of KA are going to chose to host events off campus (especially with
alcohol) the organization must implement risk management strategies and follow federal, state, and local laws as well as University policy. It is imperative that the members of Kappa Alpha understand that any future violations will result in additional conduct charges and could result in the dissolution of the fraternity.