Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Fraternity & Sorority Housing Assignments Plan Fall 2020

TO: Chapter and Council Presidents, Alumni Chapter Advisors, Faculty and Staff Advisors, Headquarters Staff, NIC VP of Campus Operations, NPC Area Advisor

FROM: Chloe Abshire, Assistant Dean and Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs, Ozzie Breiner, Director of Housing Services

DATE: June 12, 2020

RE: Fraternity & Sorority Housing Assignments Plan Fall 2020

Housing Services and the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs appreciate the efforts and patience exhibited by student chapter and alumni corporation leadership over the course of the past two weeks as we have worked to navigate logistics related to returning to campus this fall. We recognize that some of our fraternities and sororities are afforded the opportunity to experience on-campus chapter housing and that the members joining these organizations look forward to residing in their respective chapter houses during their membership. While we are still in the process of finalizing the Chapter House Lease Agreements, we continue to work with the Housing Corporations and Alumni Associations to finalize logistics related to assigning chapter members residing in the chapter house based on each house’s capacity. Below is the plan we will utilize to move forward with Fall 2020 Fraternity and Sorority Housing Assignments.

Fraternity and Sorority Residential Students

Alumni Presidents and House Corporation Presidents will assist the Housing Services Office in assigning spaces in the on-campus fraternity and sorority chapter houses. They will be provided guidance from Housing Services as to who receives priority and steps to take if there is insufficient space to accommodate all chapter members who want to live in the chapter house. Each chapter, as the Lessee under the Lease Agreement with the university, will make the final decisions as to who will be displaced based on chapter standards.
  1. In order to ensure each chapter has in-house leadership for its members, priority for housing will be given to the President and House Manager regardless of their class year.
  2. Rising second-year students will then be housed based on their survey responses. Students who requested a single room due to COVID-19 will be placed in a single room.
  3. Any Rising Second-year student who has a medical accommodation through Disability Support Services will receive that accommodation.
  4. The capacity of each chapter will be adjusted to comply with residence hall standards for square footage in individual rooms, resulting in an increased capacity for many houses.
  5. Any remaining spaces will be available to rising juniors or seniors. If the remaining spaces are not enough  to accommodate everyone in the house, juniors and seniors who are displaced will be guaranteed a space on campus in Sayre Park Village.
On Monday, June 22, members of OFSA and Housing Services began meeting with Alumni and Chapter Leadership in F/S Coaching Meetings to inform them of new capacity information so they can make their housing decisions.
  • Coaching meetings are being held June 22-June 30.
  • Fraternity and sorority assignment lists are due to Housing Services by July 7.
Fraternity and sorority chapter houses will not need to set aside quarantine housing, as Housing Services is setting aside Isolation and Quarantine Housing options for students when necessary.



Chloe Abshire
Assistant Dean and Director
Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
Ozzie Breiner
Housing Services