Friday, January 18, 2019

Recruitment Schedule Changes

Due to anticipated hazardous weather conditions on and around Lehigh's campus, both IFC and Panhellenic recruitment events on January 19 & 20 have been changed/postponed. See below for further details. 


Saturday, January 19th - All Rho Gammas and PNMs, please arrive at Rauch at 8:00am. Round Four will begin at 9:00am. A more detailed schedule will be discussed at this point.

Sunday, January 20th - All originally scheduled events are cancelled and moved to Monday, January 21st. PNMs have received notification of the new schedule.


Sunday, January 20th - All IFC Kick Off events are cancelled and moved to Monday, January 21st. The events will take place from 4-6pm in UC 303 & 308 (same as originally scheduled.)

Email communications have been sent to all registered men and their parents, as well as all Chapter Presidents regarding this matter.

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Social Host Training

Mark your calendars!!

This training is MANDATORY for Chapter Presidents, Social Chairs and Risk Managers.

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Message from University Leadership

This message was sent to the Lehigh Community on January 15

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

The Timothy J. Piazza Antihazing Law  -- a new Pennsylvania law spurred by the 2017 tragic death of the Penn State sophomore following hazing activity at a fraternity --  was recently enacted and is intended to focus on prevention, enforcement, transparency and accountability for hazing activities on college and university campuses. The law is applicable to campus organizations that include clubs, athletic teams, fraternity and sorority chapters and other groups.

We support this legislation and are committed to ending hazing on our campus.

One element of this law is a requirement to publish all reports of hazing violations from 2013 through 2018. That listing is now available on the university’s hazing prevention site, which also includes important information about university and Pennsylvania policies, reporting options and Lehigh’s long-standing efforts to address this important issue. 
Based on the number of reports that were made during the past five years, hazing is far too often viewed by students as an accepted form of social bonding or as a typical and harmless rite of initiation. The Piazza tragedy and many other senseless deaths on college campuses underscore the reality that this behavior is far from harmless. It has been accepted for far too long, and that must change. 
An important first step is acknowledging a culture that accepts hazing, and vowing to evolve into one that will not tolerate it. Key to that evolution is encouraging students and others to report this behavior, which is critical to holding organizations and individuals accountable. In considering the reports over the past five years, you will note that many investigations were hindered by the lack of corroborating testimony or evidence, or by the anonymity of the reporter.  Whether this is borne of fear for retaliation or a casual acceptance of this behavior, this silence is, in effect, a tacit endorsement of hazing. This cannot continue if any cultural change is to happen.
We are posting this information not only in accordance with a new law, but with the hope that sharing these details – however unseemly and disturbing -- will shine the spotlight on this activity and support our view that it is dangerous and completely unacceptable. 
We also hope this transparency will encourage others to come forward without the need for anonymity, and to play a pivotal role in helping us address a deeply troubling issue that threatens the lives and well-being of our students.
John D. Simon, President
Patrick V. Farrell, Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs
Ricardo Hall, Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Monday, January 14, 2019

Message from University Leadership

The following was sent to Interfraternity Council Chapter Presidents on January 14

Following up on my December 27 email to you, I'm writing to update you on the current investigation into hazing allegations against an IFC chapter.

To date, information - including social calendars, lists of possible recruits, and communications with potential new members - has been gathered from each IFC chapter. While there has been no definitive indication that one chapter is responsible for the specific hazing behaviors highlighted in the allegation, the overall communication by all chapters to potential members causes great concern.  Specifically, IFC organizations regularly sent text messages to potential new members, encouraging them to consume alcohol in a prohibited and unhealthy manner and/or promoting a culture that is focused on heavy alcohol consumption. Invitations were sent for parties that occurred throughout fall semester, including every night of the week regardless of academic calendars. 

To be clear, all 21 year old students have the right to consume alcohol.  However, the recipients of the invitations (potential new members) are overwhelmingly freshmen and well below the legal drinking age.  Further, such wholesale reliance on alcohol to attract new members poses potential risks to the health and safety of students, while being inconsistent with IFC's Recruitment Bylaws and the stated ideals of every North American Interfraternity Conference member organization.  

I look forward to engaging with you and other members of Lehigh's fraternity & sorority community in the days and weeks to come as we determine how we "got here" as well as work together to initiate a positive and sustainable shift in our culture.

In the meantime, Spring 2019 IFC Recruitment will take on a slightly different look for those chapters that decide to participate.  You will read in the attached document that all spring semester 2019 recruitment and new member education activities will be "alcohol free".  That is, alcohol will not be present at any event attended by potential, prospective, or new members during the spring 2019 recruitment/new member education period. 

I strongly encourage you and other fraternity leaders to discuss this with your respective chapters, to include members residing both on and off campus. While I am certain the prospect of alcohol-free recruitment will be met with alarm by some, I also believe others will be supportive, or even relieved.  

Chapters may opt to not participate in Spring 2019 IFC Recruitment.  But any chapter wishing to participate in Spring 2019 IFC Recruitment will be required to agree to the terms of an alcohol-free recruitment/new member education period. Those chapters agreeing to the terms of the agreement will begin Formal Recruitment on January 20, as scheduled. 

Once each chapter has reviewed its respective Agreement, please communicate directly with the IFC advisor on whether or not the chapter will participate in Spring 2019 IFC Recruitment.  Each chapter should also deliver its signed Agreement no later than 4:00 pm on Sunday, January 20 (start time of the IFC Recruitment Kick Off Event).

Thank you (all of you) for your leadership within the Greek community and here's to a positive and productive spring semester.


Ricardo D. Hall, Ph.D.
Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Parent and Family Webinar Series

Missed the Panhellenic Parent and Family Webinar? Have questions about Sorority recruitment? No worries! Click here to watch the recording from Tuesday's webinar. 

There is still time to register for the IFC Fraternity Recruitment Webinar! Join us on Tuesday, January 15 at 12pm for more information on Spring 2019 IFC Recruitment.  Click here to register. 

For further information, please visit the Parent & Family section of our website at 

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Special Feature: Adopt-a-Family

Adopt a Family is an annual event hosted by Lehigh Athletics. Lehigh Athletics invites Greek life fraternities and sororities to take part in this great event with them. Each organization "adopts" a family by Christmas gift shopping for the children.

This year marked the 20th Annual Adopt-A-Family program, which began innocently enough in 1998 and has grown to include fraternities, sororities and other departments around campus.

Check out the video below to see this year's event!

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Message from University Leadership

The following message was sent to the Lehigh University community on December 12th

Dear Members of the Campus Community,

In advance of winter break, we are writing to inform all students, faculty, and staff of important legislation and campus action intended to help ensure the safety and welfare of our students.  As many of you are already aware, the recent enactment of Pennsylvania’s Timothy J. Piazza Antihazing Law addresses prevention, enforcement, and transparency around hazing activities on college campuses.  The law applies to student organizations of all types, including fraternities and sororities, athletic teams, and student clubs. 

Lehigh makes every effort to investigate and address reported allegations of hazing.  In the interest of greater public awareness, an important provision of the Piazza Law is the requirement that all colleges and universities in our state will now post hazing incidents on a publicly accessible website.  Various offices are currently at work on creating our website, which will be operational by the required deadline of January 15, 2019.  Additional requirements and provisions include new or more clearly defined policies and provisions.  An overview of the law (introduced as Senate Bill 1090) can be found 

As a timely reminder that Lehigh is not immune from such potentially dangerous activities, we have recently been made aware of alleged hazing by an on-campus fraternity.  The allegations will be thoroughly investigated by our Office of Student Conduct & Community Expectations and if a specific chapter or group of individuals is/are identified, the investigation will be followed by an on-campus hearing as outlined in the Code of Conduct.  It is important to note that athletic teams, clubs, and other organizations would be subject to similar investigation, adjudication, and if found responsible, university sanctions.  

As this particular case alleges hazing of prospective members of an Interfraternity Council (IFC) member organization, IFC leadership has been informed of the coming investigation.  Additionally, because a specific chapter was not named in the report, all IFC organizations have been informed that spring 2019 IFC recruitment activities will be suspended until this matter is fully investigated and/or adjudicated.  Consistent with our previous practice, the outcome of the case will be posted via the 
Lehigh Greek Community Blog.

Often lost in the national and even local dialogue on hazing are the overall positive accomplishments and contributions of fraternities and sororities.  Greek life has a strong history at Lehigh and remains an important part of our future.  We are confident that our students – including fraternity brothers/sorority sisters, club members, teammates, and friends - are concerned for the well-being of others within our community and will remain vigilant as we work together to end hazing.    

In the meantime, we will continue to take seriously, and appropriately address, any activity that subjects members of our campus groups, organizations, or athletic teams to harmful, degrading, and dangerous activities as a condition of membership or inclusion.  Hazing is not at all in line with Lehigh University’s values or ideals, and has no place in our community as we work together towards an even brighter future. 


John D. Simon

Patrick V. Farrell
Provost and Vice President of Academic Affairs

Ricardo Hall
Vice Provost of Student Affairs