Monday, May 8, 2017

Congratulations to Student Life Leadership Award Winners!

An amazing 22 of these recipients (bolded) are members of the Greek community, so be sure to give them a high five next time you see them!  For the full story, click here.
Contribution to Student Life Award
Laura L. Barnes
Charles J. Bickhart
Taj K. Blount-Oden
Ian M. Davis
Liyala Djenne Dickens
Quinci K. Mann
Sabrina L. Mertz
Rachel Y. Okun
Tanairy Ortiz
Alyssa E. Riporti
Emily D. Ryan
Michael J. Schwab
Aislinn R. Strohecker
Emma R. Strong
Jasmine R. Wung
Giovanni Zlaket
James J. Duane III Student Life Leadership Award
Matthew J. Bonshak
Margaret A. Burnett
Jamie M. Campisi
Gladys Castellon
Julianne D'Orazio
Dakota M. DiMattio
Minah Ebrahim
William J. Kuehne
Zachary J. Maguire
Bruke A. Mammo
Kelly M. Mayid
Kristen M. Mejia
Julia L. Patterson
Aakash R. Phulwani
Danielle K. Schiraldi
Bailey A. Shelton
Samantha J. Tomaszewski
Madeline K. Walsh
Madeleine H. Wescott
Justin R. White
Justin T. Worley
Angela K. Young
Student Senate Leadership Award
Alison M. Bergin
Kallyse J. Duddlesten
Kiana C. Nieves
Aakash R. Phulwani
Matthew D. Rothberg
Yasmina M. Sirgi
Aislinn R. Strohecker
Residence Hall Association Character Award: Malcolm B. Scobell
Ujima Award
Liyala Djenne Dickens
Tanairy Ortiz
Service Above Self Award
Augusta K. Alwang
Katie M. Morris
Allegiance Award
Roger S. Blumin
Margaret A. Burnett
Laura E. Courtney
Alumni Association Undergraduate Merit Awards
Dakota M. DiMattio
Caraline R. Jeffrey
Kaitlyn M. Ruffing
The John W. Smeaton Pillar of Integrity: Dakota DiMattio
The Pearsall Prize: Kelly M. Mayid and Summer A. Sullivan

Bosey Reiter Leadership Cup: Gladys Castellon and Bruke Mammo

University Service Award: Kristen Mejia and Aakash Phulwani

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Congratulations to the 2016-2017 Fraternity & Sorority Leadership Award Winners!

HUGE congratulations to all of our award nominees and winners from last night!  Thanks to those that came and celebrated the high points of our year!

Individual Awards
Advisor of the Year 
  • Ashley Sciora
Emerging Leader of the Year
  • Kate Morrell
Greek Leader of the Year 
  • Margaret Burnett
  • Molly Bankuti
  • Ian Davis
Outstanding President of the Year 
  • Bryce Macomber
  • Ryan Kirton
  • Brielle Gemberling
  • Djenne Dickens
Tradition of Excellence - Individual 
  • Kristen Mejia, Inclusive Leadership
  • Sanjana Chintalapudi, Inclusive Leadership
  • Mark DiMaggio, Inspiring Change
  • Sana Ali, Inspiring Change
  • Meg Kelly, Living the Ritual
  • Zach Neumann, Living the Ritual
  • Tristan Seton, Empowering Others
Organization Awards
Outstanding Philanthropic Effort 
  • Alpha Omicron Pi
  • Zeta Tau Alpha
Commitment to Service
  • Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority, Inc.
Program of Distinction 
  • Panhellenic Council, “At the Intersection”
  • Mu Sigma Upsilon Sorority, Inc., “Dining in the Dark”
Most Improved 
  • Pi Kappa Alpha
Tradition of Excellence - Organization 
  • Zeta Tau Alpha, Empowering Others
  • Pi Kappa Alpha, Living the Ritual

Conduct Update: Kappa Sigma

Update 6/1: The Supreme Executive Committee has reviewed the investigation report from the District Grand Master regarding alleged violations of the social event and alcohol standards by the Beta-Iota Chapter at Lehigh University, and determined that the chapter has violated the Kappa Sigma Code of Conduct.

Accordingly, the following sanctions are placed on the chapter for the violations:
  1. The Chapter will be alcohol-free until July 1, 2018 or all sanctions are complete, whichever occurs latest. All chapter activities will be alcohol-free regardless of location. The chapter house and any other location where brothers gather must be alcohol-free. The chapter must make a request to the Supreme Executive Committee to reinstate this privilege once all other sanctions are complete.
  2. The Chapter will be assessed a $5,000 fine to be paid within 90 days of the date of this notice.
  3. The Chapter must have 4 men present at the 2017 Kappa Sigma Grand Conclave at Planet Hollywood Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada July 12-16, 2017.
  4. The Chapter will complete a My Brother's Keeper workshop and Code of Conduct seminar at the direction of the District Grand Master.
  5. The Chapter must meet the minimum standards of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity:
·         The Chapter's membership must hold the average number of ritual proficiency certificates for all chapters of Kappa Sigma: 67% Ritual Proficient with one certificate and 20% with two certificates.
·         The Chapter's grade point average must be above the All Men's Average
·         The Chapter must meet all goals for Champion Quest for all recruitment periods
·         The Chapter's members must achieve at least 25 hours of community service and raise $25 for the philanthropy of their choice and log the hours and dollars donated in KappaSig.Net
The Chapter must complete all sanctions and request removal of alcohol-free status within 1-year of this notice of sanctions. If the sanctions are not completed within 1 year, the Chapter will show cause before the Supreme Executive Committee to determine if it should remain a chapter.

The suspension of operations is now lifted, and the Chapter is to move forward completing these sanctions in a thorough fashion.


Per communication from the Executive Director of Kappa Sigma Fraternity, the operations of the Beta-Iota Chapter at Lehigh University are suspended immediately. This action is taken as result of communications received regarding alleged violations of the Code of Conduct by the Chapter.

The Chapter is to cease all operations immediately including the following: Chapter Meetings, Chapter Social Functions, Intramurals, all Pledge and Initiation Activities, all Community Service Projects and all Alumni Events. The Chapter will also be alcohol free indefinitely which means that there can be no alcohol at any Kappa Sigma event regardless of the location. The Chapter House , and unofficial Chapter House or any other location where Brothers gather must be alcohol free. 

Update from OSC&CE: 


As of the issuance of this letter on May 3, 2017, the Lehigh University Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity is placed on temporary suspension pending the outcome of an investigation into an incident on or about April 22, 2017 where over 40 students in attendance at a Kappa Sigma event were cited for underage drinking, one member was cited for multiple counts of furnishing alcohol, and one student in attendance was not eligible to affiliate with a fraternity.

Effective immediately the Lehigh University Chapter of Kappa Sigma Fraternity is prohibited from conducting all activities until this suspension is lifted. This suspension applies to all organized events as well as impromptu social gatherings of members and/or guests that could be construed in any way to be a “Kappa Sigma Event”.

This action is being taken in accordance with Article IV of the Lehigh University Code of Conduct. The Office of Student Conduct & Community Expectations will begin an investigation into this incident in the immediate future and this interim suspension will remain in place until lifted by the Dean of Students.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Conduct Update: Psi Upsilon

Update 5/15: On May 15, 2017 a disciplinary conference was held.

INCIDENT SUMMARY: LUPD found an unregistered party. During the house check, a covered smoke detector was discovered in one room and drugs/drug paraphernalia in another.

After reviewing the information related to incident, the Hearing Officer made the following finding(s)
regarding the violation(s) for which you were charged:

1. Respect for Self C1 (Drugs) -- Responsible
2. Respect for Self D1 (Drug Paraphernalia) -- Responsible
3. Respect for Community I1A (Social Policy 1.A.8 - Unregistered Party) -- Responsible
4. Respect for Community I1B (Social policy - 1.D.11.a - Irresponsible Distribution of Alcohol)--Responsible

As a result of this behavior the following sanction(s) will be imposed:

Psi Upsilon Fraternity is placed on disciplinary probation effective April 28, 2017 through December 18, 2017. Disciplinary probation is the conditional continuation of a group or organization for a specified period of time not to exceed four semesters. This status implies that any further violation of this Code of Conduct may result in dissolution, termination, or other authorized sanctions. Other sanctions may be imposed, including limitations on social activities, and additional requirements may be imposed as conditions for reinstatement of recognition in good standing.

The Chapter is required to develop and submit a set of behavioral expectations for all chapter members. It is to be completed by August 15, 2017. For further information please contact Christopher J. Mulvihill.

The Chapter is required to work with the University Counseling Center to bring a speaker to talk about drugs and drug use to the chapter during the Fall 2017 semester. It is to be completed by October 6, 2017.  For further information please contact Christopher J. Mulvihill

The Chapter is required to develop a comprehensive risk management/event management plan for on and off campus events. This plan must include input from OFSA, Alumni officers, and your national office. It is to be completed by September 15, 2017. For further information please contact Christopher J. Mulvihill

The Chapter is required to work with IFC to develop a meaningful educational experience for chapter members. It is to be completed by October 6, 2017. For further information please contact Christopher J. Mulvihill

Rationale for Finding and Key Facts:
The chapter admitted responsibility for the charges related to the unregistered party, and not responsible for the charges related to the drugs found in a bedroom. The organization is responsible for the drug violations because they are responsible for what occurs in their facility. An investigation by the chapter did not find a responsible party and it is clear that there was insufficient monitoring on the part of the members concerning activities that were going on throughout the house. When no individual member comes forward, the organization must be held accountable.

The Office of Student Conduct has been made aware of an incident that occurred on April 28, 2017 in which actions may have violated the Lehigh University Code of Conduct.

Alleged Violations
1. The unauthorized or illegal use, distribution, or possession of any controlled substance or illegal drug.
2. The possession of drug paraphernalia.
3. Violating the Lehigh University Social Policy 1.A.8 (Any occasion deemed to be an event with alcohol that has not been registered with the Dean of Students Office will be considered an unregistered social event and will be subject to disciplinary action. - See the policy for specific definitions).
4. Violating the Lehigh University Social Policy 1.D.11.a (11. Irresponsible distribution of alcohol is
prohibited. a. Any occasion where the atmosphere or circumstances are such that the intended or likely outcome is to either abuse alcohol or become intoxicated. Examples of irresponsible distribution of alcohol include but are not limited to kegs, funnels, shot parties, hotel parties, Beirut games, pong ball, scorpion bowls, chugging contests or other organized drinking games.)

Monday, May 1, 2017

Meet the 2017-2018 Council Executive Boards!

Congratulations to the newly elected council officers!

Interfraternity Council

Vice President 
Bryce Macomber
Ian Davis

Judicial Andrew Brown
Secretary Andrew Newman
Campus Relations Mark Shterk

Programming Brian Venter

Treasurer Michael Whang

Service Tashi Eng
Recruitment Ryan Kirton

Panhellenic Council

President: Molly Bankuti
VP Admin: Hannah Cwienkala
VP External: Sabrina Schulman
VP Internal: Madison Hirsh
VP Greek Relations: Erin Garrity
VP Campus Relations: Sydney O'Tapi
VP Judicial: Nicole Lando
VP Finance: Theresa Ridings
VP Intellectual: Marissa Diamond
VP Marketing & Publicity: Nicole McCarthy

Cultural Greek Council
President- Djenne Dickens
Secretary- Arianna Pineiro
Social Media- Julius Wibisono

Conduct Update: Chi Psi

The Office of Student Conduct has been made aware of an incident that occurred on April 29, 2017 in which actions may have violated the Lehigh University Code of Conduct.

Alleged Violations
1. Actions that violate University policies regarding life safety and fire safety this includes but is not limited to: Covered smoke detectors, candles, open flames, blocking egresses, etc.)
2. The theft, mutilation, destruction, defacing, and/or gross disregard of any Lehigh property.
3. Intentionally or recklessly interfering with the property of another, including taking without permission, destroying, defacing, or damaging the property of another.