Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sorority Extension Presentations

As previously announced, the Lehigh Panhellenic Council voted to expand the sorority community this past April and the Extension Committee narrowed down the applications from National Panhellenic Conference organizations to invite four sororities to visit campus and present the week of September 13th.

The presentation schedule is listed below. All presentations are open to the Lehigh community.

Monday, September 13 - 4pm
Phi Sigma Sigma
PA 416

Tuesday, September 14 - 4pm
Delta Zeta
PA 466

Wednesday, September 15 - 4pm
Kappa Delta
PA 416

Thursday, September 16 - 4pm
Zeta Tau Alpha
PA 466
The Extension Commitee will convene in the weeks following the presentations and announce the final selection on Friday, October 8th. The new sorority will begin recruitment and colonization efforts in January 2011.

Questions regarding extension? Contact Veronica Hunter, Greek Life Coordinator, at