Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A President's Perspective: Police Liaisons

A brief interview with Theta Chi's President, Adam Pittenger, '11, regarding his experiences with the Lehigh University Police Department Police Liaison program.

Based on your observations during your Lehigh University Police ride-along, what is the primary concern of LUPD?

I'd say the primary concern would be the safety of the students. Not once did I feel they were stopping someone just for the sole reason of "stopping them". Many times, the police were just trying to maintain things and the student dug themselves into a hole and got into trouble.

What did you learn from your Lehigh University Police ride-along experience and how will you apply it to your fraternity's risk management education and awareness initiatives?

I really try to stress cooperation within my chapter. It is simply not worth it to lie or try to deceive the police. If you are nice, courteous, and help the police out in any way that you can, they will show you the same courtesy and respect. A lot of problems could be avoided if the majority of students held this attitude.

Look for more brief interviews like this with chapter presidents and officers in the months ahead.