Monday, September 12, 2011

GEM Mentor Program: By Eric Pletcher

So you just joined a Greek letter organization. Now what? If you’re committed to making positive change within your chapter while uniting the Greek community as a whole, then the Greek EMerging Leaders program has the potential to hone your leadership skills in the company of peers committed to the same goal. Mentees are not only given the opportunity to build relationships with fellow emerging leaders, Lehigh faculty and staff, as well as the upperclassmen Mentors facilitating the sessions, but a chance to branch out and make the most of their Lehigh Greek Life experience. With representatives from over twenty Greek chapters, the program pools myriad first-hand accounts that are exchanged via group discussion, personal reflection, and valuable activities which will benefit its members throughout their time at Lehigh and beyond. Any student who becomes a new member of a Greek organization during the Spring of 2012 may apply to be part of the program for the Fall of 2012. After an interview process, 35 students will be selected to participate in the experience. We also look for current sophomores and juniors who have demonstrated leadership ability, maturity, and charisma to apply to be a mentor. We will select 8 mentors during November of 2011 to take part in training to prepare to run the sessions in Fall of 2012. Applications for Mentors will be available in November on the OSLD and OFSA websites.