Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Faculty Advisor Spotlight: Professor Sinclair

Professor Kenneth P. Sinclair

Education/College: Ph.D., University of Massachusetts (1972), M.S. in Accounting (1970), University of Massachusetts, B.B.A. University of Massachusetts (1968)

Role on campus: Professor of Accounting (1972—present) and Senior Advisor to the CBE Dean (2007—present)

Are you a member of a Greek organization? If so, please specify:  Chi Phi

Chapter you advise:  Chi Phi

How long have you been advising this chapter? Since 1973

What is your role with the chapter? Faculty Advisor

What do you find is most rewarding about advising? 

Students seem appreciative of what is done for them.

What are some chapter accomplishments you are proud of? 

Chi Phi has typically excelled in all areas, but even when the fraternity has faced challenges, all related Chi Phi constituencies have rallied together to address the challenges successfully.

What is your best advice for Greek-affiliated students? 

I have always believed that the happiest and most successful Greeks are the ones who balance academics and what I call personal growth. 

Do you have any specific interests or areas of expertise that you would like to share with the fraternity/sorority community? 

I have presented a “Career Opportunities” program to Greek chapters.  I have also presented a program on “Oral Communications Skills.”

What do you like to do when you aren’t helping to advise? 

I still enjoy teaching after 40 years at Lehigh. Outside of Lehigh I am a huge sports fan, following my favorite teams and attending countless games.  I am also an entertainment enthusiast, going to independent movies, theater performances, and concerts. I am a political junkie, reading, listening, and observing important national people and issues.  Traveling is also something I like to do.  Finally and most importantly, I enjoy being with my family.

Anything else you would like to include:

Staying very active and helping others are my secrets to being content.