Monday, February 20, 2012

February Advisor of the Month Spotlight

Advisor Spotlight!


Name:  Tom Dubreuil, Associatte Dean of Students
Chapter You Advise:  Gamma Phi Beta

As a faculty/staff advisor, how are you involved with the fraternity or sorority that you work with? How would you like to be involved? Please be as specific as possible. 

I meet with the chapter president on a regular basis as well as stop by chapter meetings at least twice a month.  I provide counsel, advice, thoughts and let them bounce different ideas off of me.  I try to share information when I can about campus issues and be a resource for the chapter whenever possible. 

What are some of the chapter’s accomplishments that you are proud of? 

I am particularly proud of how Gamma Phi Beta has embraced changing new member education to make sure that it is a very positive experience for all women and taken steps to make sure their new members are learning a great deal participating in fun, safe and sisterhood building events.

What do you find is most rewarding about advising?

Getting to know the students, helping them through difficult times, celebrating their successes and seeing them develop into great leaders.

As a faculty/staff advisor, why did you decide to become involved in the fraternity/sorority community here at Lehigh University?

Although I work with students on a daily basis, I do not always get to help groups develop over a longer period of time.  Advising a sorority has provided me with a great opportunity to work with students and help them to live their values and develop as leaders.

Do you have any specific interests or areas of expertise that you would like/be willing to share with the fraternity/sorority community?

Crisis management, conflict management, community building, standards boards and engaging alumni.

What is your best advice for Greek-affiliated students? 

Do the right thing.  It may not always be popular but you need to do it. You are part of an organization. Remember who you are and what you represent. Your actions reflect on your chapter, the greater fraternity/sorority and Lehigh University community.

What do you like to do when you aren’t helping to advise? 

Read, watch movies, hang out with my wife and son, watch baseball, football.