Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Greek Alumni Webinars

*All webinars will begin at 6:30pm with an option to log on at 6pm to get acquainted with the Elluminate program.

Updates- August 28th

            It’s hard to believe we are already starting another academic year at Lehigh. Once again it seems the summer has flown by. Join in to hear more about some of the major updates such as Accreditation Standings, Phi Gamma Delta closing, Kappa Delta expansion, bLUeprint and other OFSA initiatives for this upcoming academic year. In this session we will lay the foundation for some of our monthly webinar series but also keep you updated about the Greek community.

Expansion/Extension - September 25th

            Interested in learning about the new organizations coming to Lehigh? As the Greek community continues to grow let’s take some time to learn about the extension and expansion processes. We will discuss how the decision to expand/extend is made from a University/Council perspective, who makes up the extension and expansion committees, what target areas the committee looks for when selecting a new organization and the what the role is for previously recognized organizations in the expansion/extension process. Lastly we will discuss the plans for Kappa Delta’s colonization on Lehigh’s campus and how this will affect the overall Greek Community.

Residential Services – October 9th

            Concerned about what chapters are living where? What about Kappa Delta, where will they be living? Let’s face it a lot of changes have been happening lately and it’s never too late to dive into the discussion. During this session we will take a look at all the summer facilities renovations that took place on ‘the hill’ as well as get some updates on the residential outlook for the expanding campus.

bLUeprint: An Initiative Designed For Your Student’s Success- November 6th

            Lehigh’s Student Affairs staff is dedicated to staying ahead of the game when it comes to the new innovative practices. You may have heard a new effort in place for this school year, called bLUeprint. Let’s take some time to explore the 5 core competencies that bLUeprint focuses on: Creative Curiosity, Identity Development, Inclusive Leadership, Collaborative Connections, and Professional Growth and Success. We will further explore how this initiative will help shape students’ experiences at Lehigh particularly within the fraternity and sorority community.

Advising 101- January 8th

            We know that being an alumni advisor isn’t the easiest job in the world and can be quite challenging at times. Join us as we take some time to delve into the fun, yet complicated world of being an advisor. In this session we are here to help give you some tips, inform you on  what you really need to know as an advisor, and explain how to make sure your chapters succeed in their everyday operations.

Accreditation- February 5th

            The school year is moving quickly and it’s already that time of the year again: Accreditation.  For those of you not familiar with the process we’ll spend a few minutes on the background of Accreditation. We will also focus on how you can help your chapter prepare in their Accreditation report and excel in their presentation.