Thursday, September 12, 2013

Join Kappa Delta at Lehigh University

Kappa Delta Sorority is thrilled to establish the Theta Zeta chapter at Lehigh this fall! Kappa Delta is a national organization with nearly 230,000 initiated members and 149 active chapters. Everything we do as an organization—from new member education to community service—supports our national platform of confidence. We are committed to building confidence and self-esteem in women and girls.


Being a founding member of a Kappa Delta chapter is an experience like no other. If you are or if you know of any unaffiliated sophomore, junior or senior women, find out what KD is all about!


We will be tabling and attending campus events throughout September, and recruiting women for our recruitment weekend, which will take place October 3-5.

Please contact one of our leadership development consultants (LDCs) for more information. Also, complete an interest form on our website to tell us more about yourself and sign up for a coffee date with a LDC.



Link to our interest form:


Already Greek? We would LOVE for you to fill out a referral form that helps connect us with women that you may know who are looking for the opportunity to go Greek now! Please fill out a referral form so that we can meet some of those unaffiliated women who will help make this great community even stronger!


Link to our referral form:



Don’t forget! September is International Women’s Friendship Month! In honor of this holiday, we will be hosting a FREE ice cream social on Friday, September 13th from 1-3 pm in front of FML! All women, both Greek and unaffiliated please stop by our table to snag a tasty treat and celebrate women’s friendship!