Friday, October 11, 2013

More Than Just a House... by Alpha Phi, Epsilon Psi chapter members

Epsilon Psi Chapter, Lehigh University
More than Just a House…

Being part of Greek life at Lehigh University typically generates many different questions from those unaffiliated or students looking to become affiliated. What house are you in and what house do you live in, are some of the most frequent questions received by members of Greek life. The Epsilon Psi chapter of Alpha Phi is constantly striving to better both the Bethlehem and Lehigh community. In order to foster unity among the other chapters represented on campus and within ourselves, Alpha Phi is moving to define ourselves as a chapter rather than a house. As a group with over 90 members we represent much more than just a house. We are not merely defined by the building we live in during our semesters at school. Being a member of Alpha Phi entails joining an organization of outstanding women who support one another in lifelong achievement. It is our hope that by redefining ourselves we can encourage others to do the same. A house is merely a building that we will live in for 2 years of our lives, however being a sister of the Epsilon Psi chapter of Alpha Phi is something that will last forever.