Monday, March 24, 2014

A Message from Lehigh's Panhellenic President

The Lehigh Council of Student Presidents, also known as CSP, has come together to create this video to respond to the blatant acts of racism that occurred on campus last semester.  Though time has passed and those events might just be a distant memory for some, we want to remind you that those acts of discrimination should not be forgotten, and are more relevant now than ever.  Marginalization is an issue that is ever present in our world, so we must never forget that our fight against it should be strong and ongoing.  

It is important for Lehigh University, as a whole, to remember that our community is comprised of individuals.  Because of this, every person on this campus has a personal responsibility to continue to make changes in their lives to increase campus inclusion as well as improve our campus climate.  

One of the ways you can start making an immediate difference on this campus is by addressing the issues we are currently facing with the new phone app Yik Yak.  Many people who have downloaded the app are very disheartened that members of our community could make such insensitive and hurtful comments.  As leaders on this campus and as members of the Greek Community, I hope you can see why apps such as Yik Yak work against the strong community we are working towards here at Lehigh.  I urge you to help address this issue of Yik Yak by deleting it and encouraging others to do the same.  

As you watch this video, please reflect on the thoughts of your campus presidents, as well as their pledges to change this campus into one we are proud of.  

I challenge you - what will you do to change this campus for the better? 

Thank you, 
Kaitlin Slattery 

President, Panhellenic Council