Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Thoughts from a QUΣST Guide

Marty Melochick, QUΣST Guide ’13 & ‘14, shares his thoughts on the latest QUΣST PreLUsion program in the reflection below:

QUΣST is like the other PreLUsion programs in that it is for first year students who want to spend time with others with similar interests and would like to move in to Lehigh a few days before everyone else, but there is so much more to QUΣST that makes it such an unforgettable experience. QUΣST is for these incoming first-years to learn more about Greek Life in general and primarily at Lehigh, but throughout the three days the
students learn much more about themselves and establish some great friendships in the process. Being a QUΣST guide for the past two years has been one of the best choices I have made during my time at Lehigh, and through it I have built tight friendships with the other guides and especially with the participants.

The journey this year began with the five guides: Gladys Castellon, Morgan Coonrad, Kane Kuharik, Shannon Varcoe, and myself; getting to know one another and preparing for the exhausting, yet very rewarding, following three days. We made sure we had all the supplies and that the logistics were all figured out, and we even got to play some of the games that the first-years played during their challenge! The following day, after all the participants were moved into their residence halls, we met at House 104 to
begin their QUΣST towards becoming more knowledgeable about Greek Life at Lehigh University.

The group of 15 students was willing and ready to be vulnerable and even act a little silly right from the beginning with the icebreakers. This was the catalyst for ensuring the next three days were going to be successful. As the first day proceeded with discussions about a bit of the history of Greek Life at Lehigh, recruitment and intake, and some self-recognition, the participants were very engaged and surprised us all with how much they already knew about what it means to be a member of a Greek organization. Then
the real fun began...

The QUΣSTers were then split up into four teams, and the QUΣST Challenge began. The first day consisted of Minute to Win It and Hollywood Game Night games with Lehigh Greek Life themes, which were both very fun and amusing and also informative. On the second day of the Challenge, we all went to Philadelphia, which was unanimously chosen as the best day of QUΣST! In Philadelphia, there was a Greek Alumni Panel
during which the QUΣSTers had the opportunity to ask the young alumni questions of what Greek Life was like for them and lessons learned from being a member of the Lehigh Greek Community.

After the panel, the participants split back into their teams and went on a scavenger hunt around Philadelphia, ranging from Pat’s and Geno’s Cheesesteak restaurants to the Liberty Bell and Philly’s historic Reading Terminal Market. This served as a great way for everyone to explore the City of Brotherly Love and for the QUΣSTers to learn more about themselves and others on their teams in a fun, competitive environment.

On the third day, QUΣST culminated with the QUΣSTers recapping all that they learned during the first two days and putting it to action. They first took a Leadership Practices Inventory and a values inventory. Then we all went to North Bethlehem to the Kemerer Museum to help with anything they needed. Having that opportunity showed the QUΣSTers that their actions collectively can have a huge impact, and that is exactly what being a member of a fraternity or sorority is all about.

We did a lot during QUΣST in just three short days, and I could not ask for a better way to have started my senior year than working with Tim Wilkinson, Stefanie Burke, the other facilitators, and all of the QUΣSTers! I am certain we all had so many positive takeaways from those first few days, and I am very excited to see all the QUΣSTers reach their full potential and become outstanding members of the Lehigh Community and
potentially the Lehigh Greek Community!

Marty Melochick, QUΣST Guide ’13 & ‘14