Monday, November 17, 2014

Lehigh/Lafayette Announcements

Good Afternoon All,

With the 150th Lehigh/Lafayette Game approaching, we wanted to make sure that you have all of the proper information as you prep for the weekend.

Gameday information: All of the information you need for the game is available at the Lehigh Athletics FAQ Webpage. On the webpage you will find information on (amongst other things):

·         Yankee Stadium Alcohol Policy

·         Bag Policy

·         Game Day Transportation

·         General Advice

·         Lost Tickets

·         Parking Information

For that link, please go to:

Bus information: Departure time for student buses on Packer Ave is 10:45 AM on the morning of November 22nd. Chapters that have privately reserved buses will not be lining up on Packer Ave and will not be allowed on the hill. Please use your best sense of courtesy if you are loading a bus in an off-campus neighborhood. If you are driving to the game, or are on a privately rented bus for the game, please use the following link for the best parking information:

Campus parking information: If you have alumni whom are coming to campus the day of the game, please utilize the L.U.P.D. parking passes. Passes can be picked up at OFSA during normal business hours. Please read the attached letter for more information on campus parking.

Campus activities on game day: Arts Quest at Steel Stacks will be hosting a free Lehigh-Lafayette viewing party at the Levitt Pavilion on the SteelStacks campus. For more information, please click on the following link:

TRACS Schedule: TRACS will be on the standard Thursday-Saturday schedule. Two regular vans will also be running on lower campus and dropping students at the gate of the hill so the Sayre Park van will take you up the hill. Additional vans will be running from 10:00 PM to 3:00 AM on both Friday and Saturday nights.

Please also use the following advice (Courtesy of Lehigh’s Panhellenic Council):

1.      Plan your route: know how you are getting to the stadium and back home ahead of time.

2.      Stay with friends, do not find yourself alone.

3.      Dress warmly! Wear layers- it’s going to be cold (gloves, hat, ASA scarf!).

4.      BE SMART: especially regarding public intoxication and Fake Identifications. You do not want to   get arrested.

5.      Hydrate! Eat! Bring extra water and snacks.

6.      In case you do not hydrate enough, bring Advil with you!

7.      Make sure your phone is fully charged and bring an extra charger.

8.      In case your phone does die, write down important phone numbers.

9.      Bring cash with you!

  • Nearest hospital to Yankee’s Stadium: Lincoln Medical Center 234 Eugenio Maria De Hostos Blvd (East 149th Street), Bronx, New York 10451 
  • Nearest police station to Yankee’s Stadium: 1 E 161st St #11, Bronx, NY  
  • Nearest subway to Yankee’s Stadium: Lines 4, B, D. Location: East 161st Street and River Avenue 
  • Bus to return to Lehigh: Bus comes to Port Authority Bus Station every hour. Look for Trans Bridge Lines going to the South Bethlehem Terminal. Last bus leaves at 11:59 PM 
  • Taxi phone number: 1-800-609-8731 and download Uber 
  • Non emergency 911 number: (718) 293-8311