Wednesday, September 16, 2015

New Member Educator & Intake Coordinator Lunch & Learn Series

As we prepare for Spring 2016 recruitment and new member education, OFSA will be hosting a training series. Each week will address topics vital to creating a successful new member education/orientation program. Details are below. This is open to anyone working with new member education/intake, not just those that hold an official position. Please register here. All sessions will take place in the University Center, Room B025 12-1pm. Bring your own lunch if desired.

Session Descriptions
“Hi, My Name is…”: Team builders & Icebreakers Led by experts in this area, participants will discover a variety of different activities that can be used as icebreakers and team builders How to be an Effective Facilitator & Lead Engaging Meetings Led by Zach Brown & the Leadership consultants, participants will examine different methods of teaching and training to create a more engaging and productive experience for their new members “I don’t know what to say!?”-Navigating difficult conversations during New Member Education/Intake Led by Laurie Evans, participants will identify common difficult conversations during new member education/intake and discuss strategies to handle those situations #Truthtime: What I learned last year A student panel of former chapter leaders will lead this discussion on common challenges, issues, and lessons learned from new member education/intake Community Best Practices: Why reinvent the wheel? A student panel of former chapter leaders will lead this discussion of new member education/intake best practices within the community The Good, the Bad & The Ugly: Grades, Hazing & Alcohol Led by OFSA Staff members, participants will explore academic success and policies on hazing and alcohol during new member education/intake Crafting the written plan Led by DOS staff member, Jess Manno and chapter representatives, participants will review their plans and consider different ways to elevate their program