Monday, May 16, 2016

Staff Announcement: Liz Shayler

We are excited to share that Elizabeth Shayler has been selected to serve as the new Associate Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs!  

Liz has worked as an Assistant Director since August 2014 and, in that time, she has established trusting relationships with students; demonstrated excellent communication and project management skills; and shown a strong understanding of all aspects of OFSA and its role within the Lehigh community.  Liz has a solid track record in creating successful and meaningful partnerships with others, and recent broader Student Affairs contributions include leading the campus-wide Hazing Prevention Coalition and serving as a member of the Lehigh After Dark Operations Team. Prior to her work at Lehigh, Elizabeth worked at Harvard College, Pace University, and Vanderbilt University. 
In this new role, Liz will manage many of the educational and bLUeprint initiatives within OFSA; be responsible for communication processes across the department; work closely with chapter and alumni advisors to provide resources and training opportunities; assist with conduct follow-up and crisis response; and oversee the annual Accreditation process.

Those that interviewed Liz provided overwhelmingly positive feedback when evaluating her candidacy.  They said the following:

She is the best choice for the job…I find her to be smart, engaging, aware, and able to collaborate in meaningful ways.

Overall, I think she hit it out of the park…She can hit the ground running and, having built up capital with students, organizations, and others would be a serious asset.

Elizabeth is in an excellent position to take on responsibilities as well as represent OFSA in a manner that would be expected of the Associate Director…Elizabeth's continuity is important.  In a nutshell, I think it would be a mistake not to hire Elizabeth.

Liz’s will transition into this role effective July 1st. Feel free to send Liz a congratulatory message at

While we understand that it seems that many changes are taking place, we are truly excited for the opportunity to move the OFSA in this direction while also providing additional staffing support and continuity within the office.  A search is underway to fill Liz’s current position, and we will be in contact with council, chapter, and alumni leadership shortly regarding Liz’s transition into her new role and its impact on her current assignments and responsibilities.