Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Reflections from UIFI: IFC President Kyle Durics

Here are some thoughts and reflections from recent UIFI attendee and 2016-17 IFC President, Kyle Durics: 

In order to achieve anything or see any true change this year we need to have a clear, shared vision of what we want out of our Lehigh Greek experience and for the Greek community. This starts with the presidents of each council. From there we can develop relationships and have collective actions.

Our purpose needs to align throughout the community. In the past I feel as if it’s only been about our individual councils that we put effort into changing. Our vision needs to extend well beyond that. 

Vulnerability, respect, and humility are the three values that I felt were most important in instilling into our Greek community. With so many changes happening this past year within each council and OFSA, we have the best opportunity to make change now. 

In order to show that I want to have a more united Greek community, I need to lead the charge. Actions over words. I plan on attending every MGC and Panhel meeting and not just sitting there, but I plan on participating and getting input and ideas from all members of both councils when creating plans and forming ideas that will make our community stronger. 

In order to see the change I need to model the way, as does the rest of the council. When the other presidents see that we are serious and committed, they will follow. I've seen this happen within my own chapter this past year and am confident we can get this rolling within the IFC this year. Our vision needs to be shared. It can no longer just be IFC and then throwing that onto MGC and Panhel. We need to all work together for our vision. And the ideas need to go beyond "everyone should want to hang out together." 

Our goals may be small, but must be realistic. Overextending ourselves will only hurt us. 

I want to instill the concept of Service vs. Philanthropy. I see too much Philanthropy in our Greek community and not nearly enough service. We have so many people and collectively can do more service and create more of an impact here in the Bethlehem community, which will strengthen our relationship. This thought was my "ah-ha" moment you could say. I never really thought of that—just lumped the two concepts together, but they're very different.

I want to confront the community competency issue we have on campus. I feel that many students in our communities have a level of self-obsession within their chapters and within their councils, thus putting other groups aside. How can we have a united Greek community if that is how we think, speak, but most importantly act? 

I want the ideas that councils have to be passed onto the presidents in a better way. We need to create a "relay station" if you will. This task will hopefully help translate/carry over to our general Greek population. When a chapter sees their Presidents and leaders taking the Greek community ideas more seriously, they will too.