Monday, May 3, 2010

Senior Reflections - Part 3

By Walter Joseph, '10, Lambda Chi Alpha

When I reminisce on my undergraduate years, it is often quite difficult to recall all of the Date Parties, trips to Philly for Pat’s Cheesesteaks, plunges into the Lehigh Valley River at the Rope Swing, late night adventures at Pantry 1, or mosh-pits to Steppenwolf’s ‘Magic Carpet Ride.’ Yet, despite the haziness in this whirlwind of memories, one thing never ceases to remain a vivid, indelible part of my Lehigh career – the people who I have shared those memories with.

My involvement in Lambda Chi Alpha has provided me with the best friends I could have ever asked for. Growing up a middle child surrounded by two sisters, I always yearned for a brother figure to toss around a ball with or get birthday punches from. Now, on the brink of college graduation, I can say with confidence and conviction that I have 65 other brothers who have had a profound impact on my undergraduate career at Lehigh, and moreover, on my growth as a person. These guys will be the ones who will stand beside me at my wedding, hit the golf course even when our knees grow stiff, and will be there when I need them most. Their support is unwavering – I have never known and been a part of a group of friends so dedicated to each other and so selfless to one another.

Fraternity life has taught me the importance of accountability and responsibility – two valuable lessons that college students often neglect to truly understand. Whether it may be showing concern for a brother whose grades were dropping, or fining a brother for damaging our house, we all look out for one another and hold each other accountable for our actions. Just like a true brother would. Just like a family would.

For the current Greek students who are fortunate to have some time left at Lehigh: I implore you to make the most of your experience – words cannot describe how fast the time here goes. Make a difference in your chapter, and inspire change. Do not settle for the status quo. Help your fraternity brothers or sorority sisters when they need it – there will be a time when you’ll need it, too. Yet, most of all, do not lose touch with those people who have been so instrumental in the your development – and your successes.