Thursday, May 13, 2010

Senior Reflections - Part 9

By Avi Lessner, '10, Delta Tau Delta

My Lehigh career has been more than incredible. This is due in large part to the Greek system. My experiences in Greek life have been extraordinarily memorable. Coming to Lehigh as a freshman I had no concept of Greek life. My freshman year roommate, who has turned out to be my pledge brother and is still my housemate, convinced me to trek up the Hill. What I found was a system with an incredible amount of diverse perspectives, students of every background and a general feeling of welcoming to every chapter. My freshman Greek experience could not have been better and becoming involved is certainly one of the best decisions I have made in college.

From then on in I became more involved in the system, becoming my Fraternity President and then a Vice President of the Inter-Fraternity Council. These leadership positions helped me grow tremendously as a person and create bonds that I am sure will last for a very long time. While my involvement at Lehigh has not solely been Greek, it has in many cases been my Greek brothers and sisters that have pushed me to excel in a variety of areas and the common link we share as a community has empowered us to do great things both on and off of Lehigh's campus.

Looking back it is almost impossible to take it all in and appreciate how much I have gained but I am sure that my life has been more that significantly impacted by my Greek experience and I am elated to say I am a Lehigh Greek alumnus.