Friday, January 6, 2012

Eco-Rep Program

If you are unaware, last semester the Eco-Reps program, a sustainability course at Lehigh funded by residential services to provide peer-to-peer education for residential students, grew from a few residential halls to all dorms and Greek houses. Fall semester Greek Eco-Reps had representation from six sororities and five fraternities and held three sustainability focused events organized by the reps.
I am contacting you all now to ask that you encourage any members interested in increasing sustainability in your house to apply to be an Eco-Rep for your house for the coming spring semester. More information is provided in the application, which can found in the link below, or I can answer any questions via email at Having an Eco-Rep in your house is a great way to gain information about living sustainably in your house, be a part of a new but growing program at Lehigh, and help your green accreditation rating!
Applications are due January 19th but please encourage members to turn them in earlier or email us with interest so we can get a feeling for the number of reps we will have:
Thanks so much and we look forward to hearing from a member from each of your houses!
Teresa Chamberlain
Greek Eco-Rep Coordinator