Wednesday, March 14, 2012

IFC Executive Board Applications


To be eligible for membership on the IFC Executive Board, one must:

  • Have a cumulative GPA over 2.5
  • Be at least a second year, full-time student in the University
  • Be an active, full-time, undergraduate member of an IFC recognized member fraternity


Applications and a copy of a current resume are due Friday, March 23 by 4 p.m. to the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs (OFSA). You may sign up at that time for your interview with the Interfraternity Council Executive Board.  Please contact Jon Pribis, IFC President, at with any questions.


  • Applications due: Tuesday, March 20 by 4pm to OFSA
  • Interviews: Wednesday, March 21- Friday, March 23 at OFSA
  • Slate Introduced: Monday, March 23 by 10pm
  • Vote for Slate Approval: Monday, March 26 at General Council meeting
  • If slate approved, Installation will take place April 2 at General Council meeting
  • Transition Retreat: TBA – between 3/26-4/2
  • New Executive Board runs General Council meeting: Monday, April 9

Lehigh University Interfraternity Council Executive Board

2012-2013 Application


Year in School:
New Member Semester:
Overall GPA:
Phone Number:

NOTE: Please see attached sheets for descriptions of each Executive Board position.

Desired Position:
Other Positions Considered:


NOTE: Please type your responses to all of the following questions, and please limit your responses to 250 words each.

  1. Why do you wish to hold a position on the Interfraternity Council Executive Board?
  2. What qualities do you possess that make you an ideal candidate?
  3. Name one specific Greek issue that you would like to address and how you would address it during your term on the Interfraternity Council Executive Board.
  4. What ideas do you have for this position and how could you use your skills to best complete the job responsibilities?


I certify that all information contained in this application is true and written solely by me.  Furthermore, I have carefully read the requirements of being a member of the Interfraternity Council Executive Board and certify that I am eligible and would fulfill the duties of the position(s) for which I am applying.

Signature: ______________________________________     Date: _____________