Friday, March 9, 2012

March Advisor of the Month Spotlight: Professor Keith Schray

Name: Keith Schray

Role on Campus: Professor of Chemistry, Associate Chair of Chemistry

Chapter You Advise: Theta Chi

As a faculty/staff advisor, how are you involved with the fraternity or sorority that you work with? How would you like to be involved?

I meet with the leadership (Logan McGee this year) occasionally, go to lunch or dinner occasionally and sometimes critique their evaluation presentation.

What are some of the chapter’s accomplishments that you are proud of? 

Theta Chi is a high quality group of guys and it’s nice to be involved with a group that keeps a mature perspective on their activities.

What do you find is most rewarding about advising?

Providing a supportive role for students who want to be in a living group that is more involved with a more diverse group of students than they ordinarily would interact with. (i.e. a group of friends or fellow majors).

As a faculty/staff advisor, why did you decide to become involved in the fraternity/sorority community here at Lehigh University?

Basically, I knew the leadership one year and they asked me.

Do you have any specific interests or areas of expertise that you would like/be willing to share with the fraternity/sorority community?

Hmmm. I sail, am very involved in resettling refugees from the disaster areas of the world. I am strongly pro-life.

What is your best advice for Greek-affiliated students? 

You’re in a great situation, make it better. Keep in mind that group think is not usually a good thing. Spread out from your Greek base and make the Greek-non-Greek links better. Work against testosterone overdose.

What do you like to do when you aren’t helping to advise? 

Teach – at least in the circumstance that I get to see students rising to the challenge and “getting it”. I like to help deserving people.

Any other additional comments?

Hey, talking about myself is my almost least favorite thing. And you think you can get me to say more? Nope.