Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Holiday Hope Chest Program

It is that time of year where the holidays are hard for many families in our area. In order to help these families with gifts for their children, we invite you to take part in the Holiday Hope Chest program. In coalition with the Volunteer Center of the Lehigh Valley, we will be giving Holiday Hope Chests to students at Lehigh’s three afterschool homework clubs. 90% of the students at our homework clubs in South Bethlehem are living at or below the poverty line. By providing gift boxes for these students, we are able to take some of the financial strain off of families in our area during the holiday season.


This year we are hoping to fill over 150 Holiday Hope Chests for the students in our homework clubs. If your hall would like to participate, please email inserve@lehigh.edu with how many boxes you will be able to create. We will then provide you with the first names, ages and genders of the children who will be receiving the Holiday Hope Chests your group puts together. For those of you that have participated in the program in the past, please take note that this is a slight change from how the program has been done in the past.


The following are some guidelines for the Holiday Hope Chests:

  • Please place your items in a shoebox.
  • Please be sure to wrap the top and bottom of the shoebox separately.
  • Please place only new items in the box that are appropriate for the age/gender of the recipient.
  • Please attach a gift tag to the box with the name of the recipient.
  • Please drop off completed boxes to the Community Service Office in the Garden Level of the University Center by Friday, November 30th at 5pm. 
  • We suggest the total cost of each box be between $15-$25.

Remember to email us at inserve@lehigh.edu as soon as possible if your organization would like to participate! Your contributions make a tremendous to difference to South Bethlehem families in need.