Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Lehigh/Lafayette Gameday Memo

Message to Campus Community:


As you may know last May a tragic alcohol related death of a student occurred at Lafayette College, which has raised the level of awareness about the dangerous consumption of alcohol on campus. Lafayette has been actively engaged in addressing these issues, and we want to make all Lehigh students, alumni and fans who plan on attending the upcoming game are aware of the enforcement efforts and alcohol regulations that will be in effect for game day.


Lafayette College will have a significant and vigilant law enforcement presence on and around campus, which will include Lafayette security staff, a private security firm, and uniformed and non-uniformed police officers. Students who will be consuming alcohol are advised to carry identification to prove that they are of drinking age (21 years old in Pennsylvania).


Prior to the game, students are expected to follow tailgating policies and procedures. Any student who behaves in a disruptive manner will face criminal and Lehigh University consequences, which may include arrest and immediate suspension from the university. Disruptive behavior includes, and is not limited to: entering the playing field during the game; physical abuse or fighting; actions which are intended to harm others; destruction of property; or behavior that incites others to violence. 


Please note that alcoholic beverages are not permitted in Fisher Stadium, or on buses traveling to and from the game. Visibly intoxicated students will not be permitted to ride the buses or enter the stadium, and all spectators will be screened at the entrance.


In addition to Pennsylvania state law, Lafayette College will be enforcing their policies as well. Those  policies are outlined below:


Tailgating Information:


·         All tailgating activities and social events for the day may begin at 10 a.m. and will end when the game begins (1:00 p.m.). Police, public safety officials and security guards will clear tailgating areas (including March Field, Anderson Courtyard, etc.) at this time.


·         Lafayette College’s personal carry limit – not personal consumption limit – is defined as two (2) six packs of 12 oz. canned beer, or the equivalent malt beverage or wine (in non-glass containers). No hard alcohol is permitted. One alcoholic drink is 12 oz. of beer or 5 oz. of wine.


  • Lafayette College policy prohibits kegs, party balls, and items or games promoting the rapid consumption of alcohol. All alcoholic beverages consumed during the tailgate event must be consumed from plastic cups. No glass containers, handles, cans, funnels, flasks, or similar containers may be the vessel from which alcohol is consumed.


  • Students must be 21 years of age or older to drink, possess, or transport alcohol under Pennsylvania law. Students who wish to drink alcohol at the tailgate should be ready to present proper identification to police and public safety officials. Acceptable forms of identification include a valid passport or state-issued ID.


  • Those serving alcohol to others at their tailgate are responsible for complying with the legal drinking age and are reminded of the social host liability law in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.


  • Hosting groups are responsible for staffing and monitoring the point of access to alcohol and complying with college personnel, regulations, and Pennsylvania state law.


  • All tailgating areas will be patrolled by the Lafayette security staff, a private security firm, and uniformed and non-uniformed police officers and college officials to ensure that fans are tailgating legally, responsibly, and within the allotted time period.


  • Students are encouraged to stay hydrated throughout the day. Water stations will be available on March Field and Anderson Courtyard during the tailgating hours.


·         Students are reminded to drink responsibly. The college recommends one drink per hour for students who are planning on drinking while tailgating.