Monday, April 8, 2013

Lehigh After Dark Meeting

Good Afternoon All,

By the end of the school year, the Lehigh "After Dark" initiative will
have resulted in approximately 50 "After Dark" programs occurring. The
students and staff involved in the planning of the initiative are
hoping to see the popularity of "After Dark" turn into a true
community building initiative. For this to happen for the fall
semester, we all realize that planning for this needs to happen now.

On Friday, April 19th the "After Dark" Forecasting committee will be
meeting with any interested student organization or Greek organization
ti discussing collaboration, planning, funding, and marketing events
with the fall semester, with emphasis being placed on late August,
September and October. We are hoping to help groups find common
programming interests, and match those groups up now, so the "After
Dark" committee can provide guidance and resources to create events
that appeal to the entire campus community every weekend, starting
with the first weekend back.

This meeting with occur in the University Center Basement "Training
Room" on the 19th from 2 until 5 PM. We are hoping to have as many
organizations come together to begin discussions on this planning
process. Our hope is to have all Council of Student President
organization representatives present, as well as as many other student
groups and Greek groups.

Please e-mail back any of the staff listed on this e-mail with
questions, as well as your Assistant Directors.

Thank You,

Tim Wilkinson
Jane Josephson
Samantha McGinty-Dutton
Brandon Morris