Friday, October 17, 2014

Leadership Consultants Launch Accreditation Bootcamp

To continue providing assistance and support as your Greek chapter undergoes the accreditation process, the Leadership Consultants (LCs) have developed a series of informative workshops known as the Accreditation Bootcamps. As trained staff of the Office of Student Leadership & Development (OSLD), the LCs will help guide you through the accreditation process. Below please find the schedule for Fall 2014:

Bootcamp #1: Utilizing Chapter Development Questions (NEW!!)
When: Wednesday, October 29th at 5pm
Where: MG 101
The best way to assess your growth is through the application of the chapter development questions provided on your prior year’s accreditation report! Come to this bootcamp to explore the themes of chapter development questions given in the accreditation report, discuss the challenges in addressing these questions, and develop an action plan to effectively implement your organization’s particular chapter development question into action!

Bootcamp #2: The Myths of Accreditation
When: Monday, November 10th at 4:10pm
Where: MG 112 (waiting on confirmation)
With accreditation as such an important and highly discussed topic, it is sometimes difficult to decipher what the process actually entails. In this bootcamp, we will dispel some of the myths about the process and tell you what is important in the implementation of accreditation.  We will share with you the inside scoop of what we share with panelists during their training. 

Bootcamps are not required, but we hope to see some of your chapter leaders! If you cannot attend bootcamps, you are always welcome to submit a workshop request and have the Leadership Consultants work directly with your chapter.

OSLD’s Leadership Consultants