Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Afternoon Announcements

Good Afternoon,

The Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs is beginning a new use of the LU Greeks Blog. Monday Afternoon Announcements will be our way of supplying you some of the the more pressing updates and reminders to share with your chapters over the course of the week. This is our way of trying to cut down on the amount of messages that you get from our office, and allows you to prioritize what needs to be shared with chapter members. OFSA will still send out messages of the Greek President's Listserve that are time-sensitive or deserve a certain level of significance, but we will do our best to reduce the e-mail traffic.

Accreditation Bootcamps 
Please send your Accreditation Chair or Chapter Rep. to the follow sessions:

Utilizing Chapter Development Questions on 10/29 at 6pm MG101
The Myths of Accreditation on 11/10 at 4:10pm in MG 112

Direct questions to Stefanie Burke at

Standards Board Training
OFSA and the Office of Student Conduct will be hosting a training program discussing chapter standards board and judicial processes on Tuesday, November 4th, and Thursday, November 13th, from 4-6pm.  Every chapter is expected to have their Standards/Judicial officer participate in one of the two sessions offered.  Direct questions to Elizabeth Shayler,

Harassment and Gender Violence Training
Harassment & Gender Violence Training will be an expected experience for all Lehigh community members, and will be rolling out soon to the Greek community.  More details, including sign-ups for sessions, will be provided in next week's Community Update. Direct Questions to Carter Gilbert,

Homework Club Dinners
The Community Service Office is hoping another handful of chapters could help feed the Homework Club kid.  Your chef would provide dinner for 20 kids at 4PM on a given Tuesday.  There are three sites with 60 kids total, so any involvement would be greatly appreciated.  Please contact for more information.