Friday, March 27, 2015

Buildings 97 + 86 Awarded to Two Fraternities

On behalf of the Residential Selection Committee, we are pleased to announce that both Phi Delta Theta Fraternity and Delta Chi Fraternity will be housed beginning in the 2015-2016 academic year.  

Phi Delta Theta has been chosen to move into Building 97. The committee felt that Phi Delta Theta's proposal did an excellent job of laying out programmatic plans that the chapter would use the facility for (i.e. tutoring program, alumni events, etc.). The spaces in 97 have been recently renovated and ready to go for these purposes.  The committee also felt that Phi Delta Theta is better positioned to meet the 90% Occupancy requirement more quickly within this facility.  Additionally, the larger open dining spaces are conducive to their large alumni base in terms of both involvement and membership opportunities. Finally, the committee felt that Phi Delta Theta's tutoring plan proposal would work well with the bus stop in front of House 97, which could really help to grow other Greek participation.

Delta Chi has been chosen to move into Building 86 for 2015-16. The committee felt that Delta Chi has an excellent opportunity to grow chapter membership and programming opportunities in conjunction with the ability to renovate and customize the facility to fit the needs of the organization. Additionally, the committee felt that the more intimate Occupancy obligations would fit well with the chapter's plans for expansion of their membership. The committee was impressed with the diversity of Delta Chi's membership and felt that the organization would be able to intergrate the obligations of the facilty as the chapter continues to augment their organizational practices and plans.

Congratulations to both groups!!  We are very much looking forward to seeing Phi Delta Theta and Delta Chi secure a residential presence on Lehigh's campus.