Friday, March 20, 2015

Phi Kappa Theta's 12-18 Month Comprehensive Plan

Phi Kappa Theta was required to develop a long-term comprehensive plan as a result of recent conduct sanctions. The developed plan intends to address the harm the organization caused within the community and to educate their members and members of the University community on issues related to all facets of diversity and inclusion. Below is a copy of the plan.
Phi Kappa Theta 12-18 Month Comprehensive Plan
-Sensitivity TPK category    (Spring 2015 and keeping permanently)  
We will be adding a sensitivity category to our TPK schedule so every member of our chapter will participate in a program/event which focuses on Sensitivity issues both within our chapter and our community as a whole.  This category will ensure that we will always be addressing issues that others may overlook throughout the future.
-Have internal discussions with New Member Class (Possibly facilitated) (February 22nd 2015)
Earlier in the year our current members participated in internal discussions to determine if there were any situations that caused them to feel uncomfortable and we proposed certain ideas to improve those situations.  We would like to do the same thing with our New Member Class in order to pass on the Phi Kappa Theta ideals and ensure that we are making an effort to make our chapter as inclusive as possible.
-Add a window toward the end of each chapter meeting to discuss sensitivity issues seen both inside and outside of our chapter (Spring 2015 and keeping permanently)
We would like to engage conversations regarding sensitive topics during all of our chapter meetings to remind ourselves to keep our eyes open to what is going on around us.  During this time every member of our chapter will have the opportunity to address any situation that causes them to feel uncomfortable in either our own chapter or the environment as a whole.  
-Safe Zone Training, (Using Greek Allies to express to the rest of the chapter) (The Sunday following the Safe Zone Training, but we’re waiting for the Greek Allies program to announce the date of the training)
Two members of our chapter have joined the Greek Allies Program and will be undergoing Safe Zone Training.  During one of our chapter meetings we will have these two members discuss the basics on what they learned throughout the training so the rest of our chapter can utilize these ideals throughout their daily lives.  

-Restorative Dialogue Session with Pride Center (November 24th 2014)
Ten representatives of Phi Kappa Theta will participate in an open discussion with various members of the Pride Center and LGBTQIA community in order to better understand each others’ perspectives on the incident that took place earlier in the year.
-Cosponsor an event with the Pride Center at some point down the road (Fall 2015)
At some point, probably next semester when tensions have settled further and more time has passed we would like to cosponsor an event with the Pride Center. We are open to either asking them to work with us on one of our philanthropy events or working with them on something they have planned.
-Hang out/ have a movie night or dinner with Pride Center (Smaller groups) (Spring 2015)
We think that one of the most productive ways to move forward from this is to be able to hang out with members from the Pride Center in a casual setting without forcing any sort of conversation. This semester we plan to invite them to have dinner or a movie night at our house so that we can simply converse about whatever we want in a casual setting
- Two 5x10 programs for next year. One about what it’s like to be a Greek man on this campus, and one about sensitivity issues on campus both in Greek and non-Greek communities .(Fall 2015)
Throughout this process we have learned a lot about sensitivity and self evaluation and it is part of our goal to be able to share this with the surrounding Greek and Lehigh community. The 5x10 programs are a perfect way to share what we have learned with fellow students, particularly incoming freshman next year who are brand new to Lehigh. We plan to have two 5x10 programs next year, the first discussing our opinions on both the positive and negative stereotypes and issues commonly associated with being in a fraternity, and another to speak about sensitivity issues both inside and outside of the Greek community on our campus.