Thursday, April 30, 2015

Conduct Update: Alpha Tau Omega

Update: 4/29/2015
Alpha Tau Omega was placed on interim suspension on April 11, 2015, due to alleged University policy violations by the chapter and its members.  Allegations include: hazing, respect for others, failure to follow the chapter's approved new member education plan, providing false evidence, and encouraging others to violate the Code of Conduct.

The Office of Student Conduct and Community Expectations has scheduled a Disciplinary Hearing for Saturday, May 2nd, regarding these allegations.  Although the investigation is still ongoing, the interim suspension has been adjusted to allow the chapter to convene and take care of organizational duties as the semester is concluding.  This includes, specifically, meetings to prepare for and conduct an Accreditation presentation and executive officer elections.  

Original Post: 4/11/2015
Effective immediately all activities of the Alpha Tau Omega fraternity at Lehigh University have been temporarily suspended.  This action is being taken because of alleged University policy violations by the chapter and its members. 

This interim suspension mandates that no chapter activities of any kind may occur, either on Lehigh's campus or off campus for Alpha Tau Omega.    

This also means that Alpha Tau Omega members are not permitted to contact newly initiated members in any way (personally, electronic, through third parties, etc.) until further notice.  This includes Alpha Rho newly initiated members being present at the chapter facility and/or any off-campus facilities where chapter members live. 

If this order is violated, individuals and/or the chapter will be immediately charged with further violations of the University Code of Conduct and disciplinary action will be taken.   This "no contact" order does not imply any judgment regarding the factual nature of the incident.

The Office of Student Conduct & Community Expectations will begin an investigation and this interim suspension will remain in effect until the formal resolution of these allegations is concluded.   Failure to comply with the terms of interim suspension will result additional charges.

Additionally, the Lehigh University Code of Conduct requires that students and student organizations not only know and adhere to the Code of Conduct, but cooperate with the University when investigating violations. 

The Alpha Rho chapter alumni leadership and Alpha Tau Omega Headquarters have been contacted.  If there are further questions, please contact the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs at (610) 758-4157.