Sunday, October 25, 2015

IFC Launches Guidebook + Open Recruitment Events

Please see below from a message from the Vice President of Recruitment for the Interfraternity Council.  

Hey everyone,

I hope your first semester at Lehigh has been going great! I'm Wes Michaels, the Recruitment Chairman of the Interfraternity Council (IFC). The IFC is an elected board of students that oversees and helps guide fraternity life at Lehigh. 

I'm writing to encourage you to check out the recently launched IFC Guidebook. For those of you who don't know about Guidebook, it's a pretty cool app that various organizations at Lehigh are using to communicate various events throughout the semester.

The IFC Guidebook is designed to give you direct insight into what Greek Life at Lehigh looks like. It's got info about all 17 recognized IFC Chapters, like their founding dates, values, philanthropies, and what the chapter is all about. It also has info on the 20 Brotherhood Recruitment Officers, who will help guide you through Lehigh's formal recruitment process in the Spring.

Most importantly, the Guidebook has information about Open Events that chapters are hosting this semester. These are events designed to help you network with chapters you want to get to know better: some events have maximum capacities, but anyone and everyone is invited to every event. Some events are being held as soon as tomorrow (Sunday, October 25), so download the Guidebook and take a look. If an event interests you, save it to your schedule on Guidebook and just show up!

To download the IFC Guidebook, you must first download Guidebook in whatever app store your phone supports. Next, search for "Lehigh Interfraternity Council Recruitment" in the Guidebook search bar. Once it pops up, select it and hit download- it's really easy!

The IFC Guidebook will be updated periodically with new events Chapters are hosting, so make sure you enable notifications and check it frequently- it's the best way to keep up to date with the many events Lehigh's Greek Community is hosting.

Lastly, tell your friends about the IFC Guidebook! It's super quick to download, and going to open events with your friends makes them that much more fun. The IFC will be doing the strong majority of its communication through Guidebook, too, so it's important to have the app and stay informed for Recruitment. 

Thanks for reading! I speak for the entire Greek Community when I say we're incredibly excited to finish this semester off with some awesome events for y'all. I look forward to seeing many, if not all, of you at formal recruitment in the spring.


Wes Michaels
IFC Recruitment Chairman
Chemical Engineering & IBE Finance '16