Thursday, November 5, 2015

Conduct Update: Phi Kappa Theta

UPDATE: 11/05/2015

Phi Kappa Theta was involved in an incident on October 23, 2015, in which your behavior violated the Lehigh University Code of Conduct. 

Respect for Self A1 (Unauthorized Consumption, Distribution, or Possession)
The unauthorized or illegal consumption, distribution, or possession of alcohol.

Respect for Community L1 (Failure to Report / Being in the Presence of a violation)
Failure to report and/or knowingly being in the presence of violations of the Lehigh University Code of Conduct or other University Policies.

Respect for Community G1 (Incomplete Sanctions)
Failure to complete any sanctions imposed by Lehigh University.

Respect for Community I1 (Posted Rules and Regulations)
Violating any Lehigh University policies, rules, or regulations, including but not limited to, residential living policies (General Provisions for Occupancy) and policies related to the use of the university computer network.

LUPD witnessed a group of men carrying a woman out of an off campus residence into a parked car. LUPD stopped the car and found that the woman was incoherent, unable to hold her head up, and unaware of where she was and clearly needed medical assistance

Phi Kappa Theta took responsibility for the following charges, any other listed charges were dropped. 

Respect for Community L1 (Failure to Report / Being in the Presence of a violation) and Respect for Community I1 (Posted Rules and Regulations)

As a result of this behavior the following sanction(s) will be imposed:
The organization is placed on Disciplinary Deferred Dissolution from November 4, 2015 through the end of new member education, spring 2016 (specific date TBD). During this period of time, the organization is on notice that any further violations of the Code of Conduct will result in the dissolution of the organization immediately without further review

The organization will be alcohol free on and off campus effective November 4, 2015 through the end of new member education, spring 2016 (specific date TBD). The chapter cannot host any events in the house or off campus with alcohol and individual members are not permitted to have alcohol in their rooms. The chapter can host non-alcoholic events during the probationary period.

The following educational sanction is being imposed. Addition of bystander intervention training in the Phi Kappa Theta new member education plan and for the entire chapter during the spring 2016 semester.