Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Meet Corey Gant!

J.Corey Gant
Assistant Director, OFSA

Hometown: Leesburg, Virginia
Educational Background:
     B.A. Public and Urban Affairs - Virginia Tech
     M.S.Ed. Higher Education and Student Affairs - Indiana University

Affiliation: Delta Tau Delta Fraternity
Professional Highlights:-Coordinated the Greek Assessment and Awards Program (GAAP) at Indiana University, a rubric submission and interview process holding 73 chapters on campus accountable to the five Pillars of Excellence
-Participated as a member of the core planning team for Marian University's SOAR orientation program as well as selected and trained the orientation leaders
-Conducted IRB-approved research at Indiana University regarding student organizations' impact on international students' sense of belonging that was published in the IUSPA Journal

Why did you decide to pursue a career in fraternity and sorority affairs?
When I joined Delta Tau Delta, it was the first time I was ever asked to reflect on my values and how they would impact my undergraduate experience. I soon got very involved on campus in areas such as new student programming, LGBTQ+ awareness, and the larger fraternity and sorority community. It is my hope to help fraternities and sororities realize the importance of being values-based organizations in order to help further develop their members.
What do you hope to do during your time at Lehigh University?
While at Lehigh I want to work with as many fraternity and sorority members as possible. However, I really hope to work with students outside of the fraternity and sorority community as well, specifically first-year students. This semester I'll be facilitating one of the evoLUtion seminars and am really looking forward to that experience!

What has been your impression of the Lehigh Greek Community so far?
Everyone is so passionate about what they do, whether that be research for a class, being involved in other student organizations on campus, community service, etc. I am impressed over and over again when I meet with students from our fraternity and sorority community and hear about everything they do in addition to their chapter membership.