Thursday, September 1, 2016

Reflections of an Orientation Leader: Lauren DiNapoli, Alpha Phi

Here are some thoughts and reflections from 2016 Orientation Leader and member of Alpha Phi, Lauren DiNapoli: 

It’s no secret that Orientation is an amazing, life-changing, and highly valued experience here on Lehigh’s campus. The bonding that OL’s take part in throughout training and the challenges that we all face together, result in an incredibly tight-knit, supportive, and inclusive family of students from every corner on campus. As a member of the Greek community, I couldn’t have possibly foreseen how applicable, let alone beneficial, this experience would prove both to my Chapter and myself.

I participated in the program along side four other women in my sorority, and we can all agree that it has truly opened our eyes to everything Lehigh has to offer. Yes, we are active members and yes, it is a large part of our college experience, but there’s no reason we can’t all expand our network of community and work towards a more inclusive and caring Lehigh that reaches outside the Greek “bubble”.

Throughout these past two weeks, I’ve watched countless fellow students experience personal growth that we can all benefit and learn from. We learned to love and appreciate one another, respect every single person on campus, and truly be ourselves. I can’t help but imagine what our campus would be like if everyone followed these ideals. I can’t wait to bring these lessons and experiences back to my Chapter and continue in spreading the campus-wide inclusiveness, love, and leadership that Orientation was able to give.