Friday, November 18, 2016

Feature Friday: Breezy Maravich, Gamma Phi Beta

Our first Greek student-athlete Feature Friday, Breezy Maravich of Gamma Phi Beta!

As a student-athlete on the women’s tennis team and member of the Greek community, I have been lucky to gain life experiences and knowledge through multiple outlets. Despite having their own unique challenges and rewards, my participation in both groups on campus has given me the ability to be well rounded and learn from many different types of people. There are important skills that I have garnered from being in a sorority that have been beneficial in enhancing my career as an athlete. There are also many ways that my role on a division one team has helped me bring a different perspective to my chapter. One of the most important skills that I have received from being on a sports team is leadership and being able to interact with and get along with differing personalities. My team is very diverse and being with them daily through challenges and successes has taught me how to be inclusive of everyone and find ways to connect with every person on my team. This has allowed me to be able to forge connections with the girls in my chapter, despite having different schedules, interests, and personalities.
            Greek life has been influential in showing me the importance of philanthropy. Being a part of many of these philanthropic events has encouraged me to try to use my position as an athlete to access a range of different people and get them involved in giving back to our community. I have supported Lehigh athletics by being on the Adopt-a-family committee to help with fundraising for underprivileged families to provide them gifts and essentials for the holiday season. I also try to find ways to have my team show its support for other important causes like raising awareness for Breast Cancer.

Most importantly, being a member of both of these influential organizations has pushed me to go outside of my comfort zone. I have strengthened my ability to be vocal and communicate with others. I have also grown from hearing ideas from other people and strive to make the most out of my four years here at Lehigh.