Friday, November 4, 2016

Feature Friday: Sidney Ro, Alpha Gamma Delta

Sidney Ro, Alpha Gamma Delta, shares her thoughts this week...

My first day on campus was the day I began my Lehigh experience in the prelusion program, OAP (Outdoor Adventure Program). I was far from being an outdoorsy person at the time but thought a trip to meet my peers before actual school started would be helpful in navigating my first experiences at college. I walked into Lamberton late to discover hoards of students in different colored t-shirts sitting in circles and eating bagged lunches together. I was overwhelmed but knew that I wasn't alone in my fear so I sat and mingled. Doing OAP became one of the things throughout my Lehigh experience that I know I'll never forget or regret in any way. I met my best friends and several other amazing individuals through this program and had the opportunity to become a leader for the next two years, and ultimately a coordinator this past August. Aside from being a participant in the program, being a leader has allowed me to make countless connections with other leaders who come from different circles all over campus. Working with such different individuals who want to provide the best transition and unbiased information for first-year students has been an experience that can never be replicated. The passion and diversity of each individual leader in OAP, in my opinion, has had positive and influential lasting effects on the students we have led. I've learned invaluable collaborative and leadership skills while gaining the friendships of some of the most incredible individuals on our campus. 

In the same way, my employment at Lamberton has given me a similar opportunity. I joined the staff my sophomore year and have been working there ever since. The employees at Lamberton Hall, like OAP leaders, come from extremely different spaces on our campus and I've created relationships with individuals that I most likely would not have had if I had not worked at Lamberton. Communication, collaboration, and initiative are essential at Lamberton and these skills combined with the ones I've learned over the course of the four years through OAP have helped me in my leadership in my Greek chapter whether it was as social coordinator or a new member coordinator. 

My Lehigh experience has been a perfect combination of participation not only in my Greek chapter's activities but also activities outside of the Greek sphere here at Lehigh. I think this experience has been extremely formative and critical in my development as a student here at Lehigh and is something from which others would definitely benefit.