Wednesday, November 9, 2011


A message from Nick Gambino, IFC Community Service Chair:
As you may have notice, last months Breast Cancer awareness month was a great success across the board. Lehigh students, both Greek and Non-Greek, came together raising both awareness and money to help the female community support cancer research.

Now the time has come to help support a cause closer to the males of the Lehigh community. As you are all aware Movember is in full motion and the increasing presence of mens facial hair has been generating a lot of attention.

In an attempt to further increase the awareness of the theme of the month of November, we at IFC have created a T-shirt with the intention of spreading the word. Shirts will be sold for 12 dollars each and can be purchased through FMA as well as cash.

In order to get the shirts before the month of November is over, I will need a total number of shirts desired by each house no later then sunday night by 6pm. Again, shirts can be purchased through FMA.

Please spread the word to those within your respected houses, faculty/staff, as well as those who may not be greek affiliated.
Email Nick at for ordering shirts and other information.