Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Good Morning All,

I hope the last few days have been as smooth as possible. We all appreciate your cooperation and flexibility as we worked through this most unique circumstance. Please forward this update to all chapter members as soon as possible.

Power has been restored to campus this morning and we are asking students
to return to campus after 4 p.m. today. We understand that this is a
compressed time frame, but we are doing all we can to return to normal
operations at the university as quickly as possible.  Classes are canceled
for today, Wednesday, but will resume tomorrow, Thursday, November 3rd.
Four o'clock exams scheduled for Thursday, November 3rd will be moved to
Tuesday, November 15th.  

Please reiterate to chapter members the need to not return to the facilities until 4 p.m. Staff members have been continuously working to ensure the safety of each facility as the power comes back up. I can only imagine how badly you all want to return to your homes, please work with us little while longer.

Upon your return to the facility, if you have a specific building-related issue to
report, please contact Facilities at 610-758-3941. After 5 p.m., emergency calls should be directed to LUPD by calling 610-758-4200.

Most chapter cooks have confirmed that food shipments will be up and running tomorrow morning and dinner will be served in the facility tomorrow night. Please check in with your chapter president and/or steward regarding the status of your organization. Meals will still be served to chapters without food service through tomorrow night's dinner (Thursday, November 3rd). Meals will be served to chapter members on a fraternity/sorority board plan. Please bring your ID with you in order to verify student status. Please note: meals will be served in Rathbone Dining Hall only.

Although custodial staff was able to discard most of your perishable items from your refrigerators and freezers, some were locked or inaccessible. Please take the time to evaluate your refrigerators and freezers and dispose of any leftover perishable items as soon as possible.

We understand that most of you left your chapter house in a rush and did not have the time to clean the areas of the house for which you are responsible. Please take the time today or tomorrow morning to address these areas.

OFSA will be up and running as of noon this afternoon. Your Assistant Directors will be in touch regarding resuming activities and answering questions. Please compile chapter related questions for your Assistant Directors so as they check in with you, they can be thorough as possible.

Thank you again for your cooperation and flexibility. Keep checking your e-mail and the #LUGreeks twitter account.


Tim Wilkinson