Friday, November 4, 2011

Update 11/4

To all members of the Fraternity & Sorority community:

During the power outage Lehigh originally committed to feeding the members
of the Greek community who are on a board plan through Sunday dinner. Once
power was restored, a second email went out to fraternity & sorority
leadership which explained that meals would be offered through Thursday
dinner. This change was made based on power restoration occurring on
Wednesday and information that we received in consultation with FMA and
several cooks that food programs within the houses would be up and running
by Friday morning. Tim Wilkinson, Director of Fraternity & Sorority Affairs
sent a communication to house leadership explaining this change on
Wednesday. We apologize if this information did not filter down to all
chapter members. We did our best to accommodate you during the power outage
and throughout your return to campus, but now that the campus is back to
normal operation and activity, as of this morning, your board plan is your
chapter house responsibility. Thank you for your understanding.

David Joseph
Executive Director of Student Auxiliary Services