Monday, October 8, 2012

Peer Values Educations Applications

The Peer Values Educators (PVE) are taking applications for new members. The PVE application will be made available online for interested members to apply to. The link to the application is also included below. The deadline for submission is Sunday, October 14th.
 It would be greatly appreciated if you could encourage the members of your chapters to apply and join our cause. For those of you who may not much about PVE, we are representatives of the Lehigh Greek Community who serve as positive role models and facilitate interactive workshops for the campus population. The programs we facilitate are Hazing Prevention, Bystander Intervention, and Social Decision Making. The group is currently reorganizing its structure with the intent to get the entire campus involved in its cause. It is arguably the most exciting time to join!

                Thank you in advance for your cooperation and hopefully we will see you all soon at one of our programs or workshops.

    The Peer Values Educators