Sunday, October 28, 2012

Weather Emergency Update

Good Evening Chapter Members,

This e-mail is in regards to the Weather Emergency. Please read the entire e-mail, compile all questions, and have one chapter member reach out to your specific Assistant Director of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs:
1. Per previous updates, all classes and events at Lehigh University will be cancelled for Monday, October 29th and Tuesday, October 30th. This is due to the increasingly severe weather forecast of hurricane Sandy and possible power outages.

2. Students are permitted to stay on campus, but expected to use caution. Students choosing to remain on campus are asked to register at :

3. If you live in the Residence Halls, or have a meal plan outside of the chapter facility, dining is available tomorrow in Lower UC and Rathbone only. Please continue to check for updates on dining options.

4. If you live in the chapter facility, at this point, you are expected to be taking your meals there. Please work with your alumni, your chef, and your food services provider to inventory both food currently available, as well as the status of your chef to make meals for the next few days. Please update your Assistant Director once who have competed this inventory. Please complete this no later then 9 pm tonight.

5. If you have a food shipment coming to campus either Monday or Tuesday, please take the necessary steps to ensure caution with this shipment. If you currently have sufficient food supplies and are able to postpone these shipments until after the emergency, please consider doing so.

6. Please make sure that you have updated all chapter members and alumni and headquarters leadership as to the situation. OFSA will be sending out various updates, but please be proactive in reaching out to your specific stakeholders.

7. Please also practice caution in both your on-campus facilities, as well all other places where chapter members may be gathering. Please make responsible decisions, and remember that the safety of all students comes first and foremost. This includes not only the approaching weather, but also in the choices made by all Lehigh students during the time that classes are cancelled. It goes without saying that the PA state law, the University Code of Conduct and your Inter/national Headquarters' policies are in effect. You all made us proud last year, and we have no doubt that you will do so again. 

8. At this point, Lehigh expects to return to a normal class and operating schedule on Wednesday, October 31st. We will  post updated information on the Lehigh website at

Anyone who is not registered to receive LU-ALERTs can register at:

Updates will also be posted at 610-758-NEWS (610-758-6397) and on the university’s Facebook page at www.facebook/LehighU and on Twitter: @LehighUNews (look for #LUSandy). Again, contact your Assistant Director as questions or needs arise.

Thank you and be safe,